Creating Your Own White Labeled Tele-Health Company With Salaso

business virtual reality Oct 19, 2021
Creating Your Own White Labeled Tele-Health Company With Salaso

Creating Your Own White Labeled Tele-Health Company With Salaso

Are you a physical therapist or occupational therapist looking to start a tele-therapy company?

What if you could start one and have everything look exactly like your brand? That would not only give you more authority but also help create better brand awareness for your growing tele-therapy company. Salaso Healthcare is a company that can help you do just that! Your colors, your logo, even the videos of exercises on the platform are uniform so that your patient's will never know that you weren't the creator the software. Pretty cool right?

Tele-physical therapy and tele-therapy are top upcoming business models for the individual or small business healthcare entrepreneur.  In this article and interview, Eric Fawl from Salaso gives the behind the scenes tour of how you can use this tele-health software to deliver online services 100% under your brand (also known as white labeling). 


Salaso has 3 different tele health services which you can offer your patients:

1. Salaso Wellness: Recovery Salaso recovery plan provides an online health assessment for employees to help reduce costs and help them get back to work faster. This is more for if you serve patients within a company. This is great if you are doing remote or virtual ergonomics or facility wide wellness or therapy provision.

2. Salaso Wellness: Prevention: This is more of a maintenance type of service you can provide within Salaso, where you have patients but you provide additional exercises after your treatments that they can perform outside of your sessions. 

3. Salaso Exercise Prescription:  This is best used if you are treating patients that are in-patient or out-patient and this would be best aligned as the typical tele-therapy model of online therapy session that within that session you prescribed different exercises. These exercises would be provided within the session as videos from Salaso's video library or after the session as videos your patient can review later. Salaso educates and supports patients in performing their prescribed exercises, whether as an in-patient in hospital, or outside the clinical setting.

To learn more you can to and you can email Eric Fawl if you have specific questions or help needed: [email protected]

Time Stamps:

4:37 What is Salaso: It is an online browser based platform with video and exercise prescription capabilities. It can be used across various different hospital settings from rheumatology neurology oncology, etc. So it's not something that is strictly if you want confined to

7:04 How is Salaso unique: Salaso is heavily focused on evidenced based exercise prescription as it was made mostly by physical therapists around the world. This means that when you go to look for protocols or videos, you can be confident that it is a highly evidenced based exercise. 

19:30 Entrepreneurial ideas using Salaso and Salaso walkthrough

30:00 Use cases and examples: Northwell and Nevada Fire Fighters

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