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Tried self-guided career growth or blogs with no success? Sign up for our exclusive, individual career coaching and resume optimization today from ATS (applicant tracking system) experts who have been personally involved in hiring and recruiting for health tech companies.

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What's Included In The Coaching Call

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Individual Call

1 Individual Career Coaching Call (30 mins)

  • Learn about yourself and what you want & need in your next role
  • Get personalized advice as to the next best role for you


We can also offer in addition: resume editing

Personalized Resume Editing

On your resume, we'll:

  • Reformat your resume
  • Provide edited bullet points and headers
  • Add further bullet points to emphasize key traits
  • Ensure it is ATS (applicant tracking system) ready
We can also offer in addition: questions and edits

Questions On The Resume and Further Edits Are Included

We want to make sure you are happy with the product and so if you have any questions please let us know!

We can also offer in addition: career courses

7 plus hours worth of step by step video guides, email support, CEUs, Facebook group, monthly job emails and more!

We have helped over 1000 people in our career courses for the last 4 years! Our courses contain the answer to any question you may have - and walk you through in simple steps how to find remote roles and ace the interview! We have templates for cover letters, resumes, and interview answers for all different types of careers and professions in transition and mock interviews from successful students. 

You can see the complete overview of these courses here: 



Meet Your Coaches: Emma and Katie

With over 4 years and 1000 of resume's edited, Emma has significant experience performing resume editing and providing career coaching for all different remote and in person non clinical careers. 

Katie was able to successfully find remote work - with an applicating tracking system company! As result, she has extensive applicant tracking system knowledge to share with those looking for a non clinical transition.