Work From Home As A:Utilization Reviewer, Care Navigator, Pre-Service Care Coordinator, Skilled Inpatient Care Coordinator, Compliance, Provider Relations and more with our comprehensive program!


Foundations Of Utilization Management Certification & Personalized Resume Creation


We have built a comprehensive program that includes personalized resume creation, the exact steps to optimize your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, resume templates for all positions under the Utilization Review Umbrella (Care Navigator, PSC, SICC, CMCC, TCC, Appeals, and more), mock interviews, interview review, sample interview questions and answers, principles of utilization review, case studies, and even monthly job notifications.


Officially approved by the AOTA for 7 continuing education hours as well as many PT chapters (please see CEU section for full list)

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Why choose our program?

Created in collaboration with OT, PT, SLP and RN Reviewers, Home Healthcare Coordinators, Skilled Inpatient Care Coordinators and more!


You will get the most comprehensive education and view points from all the utilization management positions such as Pre-Service, Cross Market, Skilled Inpatient, Home Health, and Appeals and Denials positions.


We are a current CEU provider for content on Utilization Review. You will receive 7 hours of credits.

We are approved in many PT states and by the AOTA and will provide documentation so that you can self certify in your state if we are not approved in your location. Please see bottom of page for all our states.

Trusted by over 500 professionals! 

We have been teaching how to enter the utilization management field for 3 years and have over 1000 students with an extremely high success rate. See our rave reviews near the bottom of the page!

Made by and for Nursing, OT, PT, and SLP and Assistants! 

We have content from all the various professions - PT, OT, SLP and Nursing!

(With sample resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews from a variety of roles and professions)

7 CEU Hours, FREE resume edits, and unlimited interview practice! 

We have bee approved nearly nationally for 7 ceu hours, plus we include in this course resume edits, and we have portal you can use anytime to practice your interviews.

Why choose a position in utilization management (PSC, SICC, UR, and more)?

It pays

$85,000 - $90,000

On average it pays similar to your clinical position, between $85,000 - $90,000, and also has benefits, paid time off, 7% bonuses and upward mobility. It is very often a full time position with guaranteed hours too. 

It is


(or hybrid remote)

Pre-Service, Cross Market, and Appeals and Denials positions are all 100% remote. Skilled Inpatient Care positions are hybrid, meaning half the week remote and half the week at a facility near by.

You Still Get To Use Your Clinical Skills 

(but without any lifting or manual labor)

You are still using your clinical skills and as a result, you still get to feel like you help people or that you are still using your degree. 

How do you know this is the right fit for you?/ Who should take this course?


Who should take our Foundations of Utilization Utilization Management certification?

  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Speech therapists
  • Nurses

For professionals who want to:

1. Transition into an a career in utilization management including: home health care coordinator, pre service/clinical reviewer coordinator, skilled inpatient care coordinator, therapist reviewer, utilization reviewer, and clinical liaison. 



This video will walk you through, in more detail, about Utilization Review, so you can make sure it's the right fit for you!

What does this job entail: This career has no direct patient care involvement and no lifting or manual labor. It is primarily a computer based job that can allow you to work from home. Depending on the the role, each day you'll receive charts that you'll need to review for fraud/abuse and either approve or deny reimbursements, or helping coordinate care, or help onboard new users. 

Can assistants become a utilization reviewers: To be 100% transparent, YES! But it is harder to find a Utilization Review job as they do prefer OT/PT/SLP. There are companies that specifically hire assistants but there are only a few companies that do this so your job options are fewer.  

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What is included?

We go through everything! If you find something missing, let us know - but we walk you through how to find jobs, how to get noticed and get an interview, how to ace the interview!

But it doesn't stop there - we are reviewing your resumes and provide monthly job emails.


*While we can't guarantee that you'll get a UR job as it depends on your experience, interview ability and other factors but we've had many students successfully become utilization reviewers in a short period of time!

This is an on demand, watch any time course that includes lifetime access and lifetime updates!


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Over 7 +hours of content 


We provide you with resume, cover letter templates, mock interviews to help you translate your clinical skills into non clinical skills, and more simple to follow videos and instruction to help you get these positions.

  • All content is on demand, pre recorded so you can watch anytime you would like. 
  • Interview, resume, cover letter guides and step by step videos
  • LinkedIn profile optimization video
  • PSC, SICC, CMCC, UR mock interviews

Email and Chat Support


We really support our course members! I respond to emails within 48 hours and truly do my best to support you and answer any questions you have.

  • Get lifetime access
  • Get lifetime and frequent updates
  • We created a private Facebook group for questions and answers.
  • Email support with 24-48 hour response time



In Depth Breakdown of Course Features:



All students will now get a FREE resume review and EDITS! Normally you would pay $200 to $400 alone for your resume to reviewed and edited but within this course you get that bonus for FREE (valued at $199 and up!).

You'll find instructions on how to redeem your free resume review inside the course. 


And...Interview Review! We've created a page where you can record yourself performing an interview and we'll provide you with feedback and advise.



Interview portal where you can practice anytime ,24/7 for as long as you need,


And ....
We provide you with monthly job posting emails.

* We still strongly encourage you to also do your own individual search as well*

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Details of Each Course Module With What You Will Learn and Receive:


Optimization Module:

Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Optimization

● How to optimize your resume

● How to optimize your cover letter

● How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

● How to optimize your job search process and get job notifications

● Sample Resumes for SICC, PSC, CMCC, Appeals and Denials as well as Cover Letters

Resources Section

● We have sample resumes and CV's (for all positions and professions)

● We have a list of potential interview questions and answers

● We have a list of all companies that hire

● List of additional certifications to help you stand out

● We have additional mock interview videos to help you verbalize your skills

Job Notifications Module:

●Get monthly job notifications

Interview Module:

● You'll find mock interviews for CMCC, PSC, SICC, Appeals and Denials and Provider Relations Manager

●Sample interview questions and answers to help you understand how to translate your skills into a non clinical position

Application Module:

● Walking you through each step of applying to the various companies that hire theraists for UR positions

● Walking you through how to get automated job notifications on these company platforms

Resume Review Module:

Sending Your Resume to Us For Free Review and Edits

2 hours of Utilization Management Principles:

We dive into CMS chapters 1,7,8 as well as the appeals and the denials process to help you better excel in your new position and better understand this role. 

Case Studies Module

We have cases from SNF, home health and acute care settings to help you understand how to apply the utilization management principles you have learned. 



●Private Facebook group

● Monthly job posts notifications

● Free Interview Review

Plus FREE professional resume review

7 hours of CEU credits

Plus interview portal for 24/7 interview practice!




Detailed Course Walk Through:


Testimonials From Therapists Who Are Now Utilization Reviewers!


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Students Really Do Love the Transition:

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Thank you!