Create a side hustle from your passion with theĀ online business academy!

Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity? You have so many skills as a rehabilitation professional - it's time to harness them into a profitable side hustle!


Create, launch, and  sell your online course/podcast/book/CEU or service in 30 days with our website template, email templates, coaching calls, and tech guides!


We make $10,000 a month on a consistent basis without having to do stressful launches.  We walk the walk and talk the talk, creating lasting courses and YouTube videos with over 10,000 views that people rave about and sell themselves. That's the sustainable way - and the way we'll teach you!


You Can Create Financial Freedom, Create a Better Life For You and Your Family, Provide You With More Career Flexibility

Learn the formula to building extra income and use it to:

  • Earn passive income that keeps coming in even while you’re on  vacation.
  • Retire early without giving up the comforts you’ve worked hard for.
  • Gain valuable skills that will enable you to advance further outside of your healthcare realm
  • Diversify your income, so you don’t have to worry about flexing off or job loss.
  • Be able to create more career flexibility with part time work as this supplements your earnings.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

InĀ this online business academy, youā€™ll learn how to take control of your future with 2 phone calls, a step by step course, website template and much more!


In The Next 2 Months, You Could…

  • Be chipping away at that student loan debt
  • Earn several hundred to thousands of dollars extra a month
  • Be on the path to generating passive income

Let's help you  take the leap and pave the way for your great idea!


Online Business AcademyĀ - not just one course but everything you need!


You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

This watch anytime, lifetime access and updates step by step training will teach you everything you need to know to get your side hustle off the ground!  You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover business ideas
  • Create your business
  • Create workflows so you have this be a sustainable side hustle
  • Create your podcast, course, self published book, CEU course, or all of the above!
  • And create a sales system that doesn't require ads to earn income! We'll also talk about sustainable pricing systems!


What's Included In The Academy...

Private Training Calls


I know that you may have specific questions or be stuck on something and need personal help. It's so frustrating with courses that you often can't get that! And so we've added that in!  

  • Ask me anything, I'm an open book!
Step by Step Courses All Included

COURSE BUNDLE: ($2000 value)

This isn't just one course. It's actually several courses as I've realized you need many skills to run a good business! You can't simply learn how to make a business, you literally need all the skills below and so why not give you all the skills in one course!

  • 6 Figure Course Creation Course
  • 6 figure CEU Creation Course (AOTA, ASHA, PT, Individual Boards approval walk throughs and templates with all the answers)
  • Remote and In Person Ergonomics Business Course
  • Self Publishing Course
  • Podcasting Course
  • Virtual Wellness Course
  • And lots' of tech trainings too (Like setting up website, Facebook group/pages, blogging, SEO, using zoom, and more!)
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • Watch anytime, anywhere with these simple step by step video trainings


The secret to building wealth is to stop trading your time for money. Let's quick start your process with our website templates:

  • Website templates - yes templates! We have a healthcare, an ergonomics, an online business and an kids gym template. ($399 value)


The Promise That Anything You Need, We Will Answer It

If you ever want us to make a video, update a video, make a video less confusing - just ask!

  • Students in my other courses will tell you that I'm super responsive to feedback and open to adding more in all of my programs. If you see something that confuses you and that's missing, email us and we'll get that training up for you ASAP. 
  • I want you to be 1000% satisfied, and blown away at just how much we provide vs any one else! 

I'm Emma Shapiro PT,DPT


While working full time (and even while working full time and pregnant now), I've been able to generate recurring monthly sales - while on vacation, while at work, anywhere! 

I've invested a lot of time and money in knowledge, knowledge that I know pass down to you in a much lesser investment! I've learned hard lessons, overcome failed launches, overcome copycats, and each day still overcome so many challenges - and in this program, I hope it's not just like everyone else but that it teaches you the hard knocks and hard to overcome them, how to create systems to help sustain yourself from burn out, and how to create a sustainable business that doesn't make you feel salsey. 


Here are what some people say about my courses (and these are emails I get daily, without solicitation nor incentive!)


Online Business Academy

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