Growing your TikTok Account with Education As A Physical Therapist

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Growing your TikTok Account with Education As A Physical Therapist

Growing your TikTok Account with Education As A Physical Therapist

Kyle Freeman is a physical therapist who is blowing it up on TikTok! He shares how he has gained over 100,000 followers in a short period of time and how you can do the same.

Kyle's top advice for someone wanting to grow on social media: "Once I started taking it seriously it just took off. So if you find your niche and you love it and be consistent, that's the key."

Time Stamps:

7:30 About Kyle Freeman - Physical therapist and TikTok expert

8:52 How Kyle got started on TikTok

"It kind of started about 9-10 months ago when I met my partner now, Sonia, and she introduced me to TikTok. She at the time had about maybe 60,000 followers and up time that's alarming because you sometimes you don't really meet people with that big of a following and person and she was just doing it for fun. And so it got me interested in and I, you know, pushed her to keep going and then I ended up deciding to start an account.

I was able to grow pretty quickly. She grew exponentially. She's over a few million now. In the past few months, I've just been very consistent about posting creating content and now nearing 120,000 followers and just sharing information about life as a Physical Therapist current events in healthcare. I do a lot of humor. As you've seen, just kind of parodies about life as a Physical Therapist parodies about just general life and just learning more about the app.

10:00 Partnering with TikTok to help grow education on the platform. 

14:00 Working with TikToK: 

"So, and being part of TikTok partner is just me getting a little insight that other people don't have because I get to work with a manager to directly to talk with helps me strategize my videos helps with kind of getting in front of more people and just learning some extra tips and tricks that most other people might not know and just also understanding some of the statistics behind the app.

14:30 Instagram:

"Okay, and let let me touch on that is, I didn't. I wasn't in social media at it, you know, for a long time I stepped away from it. I didn't even get onto Instagram until about two years ago. But then I just started to find my voice and post consistently."

15:00 Growing other accounts because of each social media platform

25:00 How to choose which social media platform for you

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