Add the CAPS Home Modification Certification to Your Resume!

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) is the top designation used in the home modification industry. Many more people are living at home instead of ALFs or ILFs, and this certification offers your clients the assurance that you are trained to help them stay in their homes safely.

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 Why choose the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation and our training?

  • Watch online, from the comfort of your home.
  • Learn from experienced an Occupational Therapist - get tailored rehabilitation perspective.
  • Learn from experienced CAPS and therapy business professional, so that you can really understand how to utilize CAPs to it's max capability.
  • Get PT/PTA and AOTA LIVE CEU credits
  • Diversity your income for your business, start a home modification business, or grow in your employment with this designation. 
  • Get exclusive Lowes Pros 5-10% discount
  • Website template, Brochure template, and Funding template
  • Business course included (we go over setting up your business, marketing ideas, low cost business automation tools, and even have a whole grant and waiver list for you to give to your clients)
  • and more!

After these 3 classes, You Could…

  • Add a home modification service to your current business
  • Start your own home modification side hustle or business
  • Increase your earnings at your current employment by providing management with this additional service opportunity.

 Lets say you saw 1 home modification client a week at $500 - that's an easy $26,000 side hustle!

What's Included In The CAPS Home Modification Designation...

Plus bonus website template, lowes pro discount instructions, and business course that walks you through setting up your business, marketing, niche ideas, and even finding free resources for your clients (with 2 Canva templates, 1 so you can give to your clients with grants and waivers listed and 1 is a ready made marketing brochure/pamphlet).


CAPS I – Marketing & Communicating With The Aging In Place Client

  • This class is required for the CAPS designation
  • This is a one-day, 6-credit hour, class
  • CE (6-hours) credits are available for AIA, AIBD, AOTA, APTA, ASID, NKBA and others.
  • This class can be taken out of order but must be taken before CAPS III
  • This course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively market and sell services to the aging-in-place (AIP) market.

    By completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify access points and marketing opportunities within targeted AIP market segments.
    • Explain how allied professionals can collaborate effectively to serve a targeted AIP market.
    • Identify common challenges of functioning in a real-world environment for the AIP population.
    • Enhance the client consulting process with effective needs assessment and communication techniques.



CAPS II – Design Concepts For Livable Homes & Aging In Place

  • This class is required for the CAPS designation
  • This is a one-day, 6-credit hour, class
  • CE (6-hours) credits are available for AIA, AIBD, AOTA, APTA, ASID, NKBA and others.
  • This class can be taken out of order but must be taken before CAPS III
  • This course enables participants to identify common challenges and understand attractive design concepts that create a safe and comfortable environment for clients who want to age in place (AIP) as well as individuals who have a condition that requires home modifications or equipment.

    By completing this course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify special considerations for estimating, scheduling and executing livable home and AIP jobs while the client is in residence.
    • Identify legal and contractual considerations for building professionals providing livable home and AIP design solutions for residential clients.
    • Describe the categories of design and how they relate and apply to the three AIP market segments.
    • Describe specific design concepts for the livable home and AIP client. The course presents various methods and techniques for modifying home design, from the perspective of new construction and retrofitting.

CAPS III – Details & Solutions For Livable Homes & Aging In Place

  • As of October 25, 2017, this is the required third class (with CAPS I and CAPS II) for the CAPS designation – no exemptions or exceptions for anyone for any reason.
  • This is a one-day, 6-credit hour, class that you must first complete CAPS I and II.
  • CE (6-hours) credits are available for AIA, AIBD, AOTA, APTA, ASID, NKBA and others.
    • Create comprehensive designs for aging in place projects.
    • Become familiar with available innovative and specialized products.
    • Practice design and installation for key components of in AIP home design.
    • Implement techniques of budget integration into design and product selection
    • Identify common missteps for design and installation of AIP solutions.
    • Review and apply solutions for common single-room modifications cases
    • Identify common installation considerations for modifications of a specified space.
    • Prioritize solutions in a whole house multi-generational case study while being compliant with budgetary constraints with consideration given to phased construction application.
    • Prioritize individual tasks relative to a projects budget and urgency.

      By completing this course, participants will be able to:

It is quite unlikely that an online class ever will be canceled due to low enrollment, but we do reserve the right to withdraw or reschedule a class and make arrangements for you to move to another date convenient for you.



What is “CAPS”?

“CAPS” stands for “Certified Aging In Place Specialist,” and is a designation program offered since 2002 jointly by AARP and NAHB. Several thousand people have completed their CAPS designation and the CAPs is one of the most sought after and well regarded designations. 

Many clients look at CAPS when choosing their provider.


How do you get the “CAPS” designation?

Everyone must complete the three required day-long courses to obtain the CAPS designation – “Marketing & Communicating With The Aging In Place Client" CAPS I, “Design Concepts For Livable Homes & Aging In Place” CAPs II, and “Details & Solutions For Livable Homes & Aging In Place” CAPS III.

There are no prerequisites (age, location, other coursework, college degrees, formal education, years of industry service, professional requirements, construction experience, employment, or other requirements) to complete before undertaking or completing the CAPS program, and there is nothing to do afterward such as a paper or project. 


Are there any prerequisites to obtaining the CAPS?

There aren’t any requirements other than taking the three required classes CAPS I, II and III and completing the online application (“graduation”) process.


Who is the CAPS designation for? Who can take these classes?

  • OTs, OTAs, COTAs
  • PTs, PTAs
  • General contractors, custom builders, remodelers, carpenters, plumbers, cabinet fabricators and installers, flooring contractors, lighting specialists, countertop installers, handymen, flatwork contractors, tile setters and cement masons, home automation and security specialists, locksmiths, painters, roofers, HVAC specialists and technicians, and other similar trades.
  • Any medical professional including case managers. rehab specialists, discharge planners, physicians, nurses, social workers, geriatricians, gerontologists, behaviorists, oncologists, paramedics, audiologists and vision specialists, exercise therapists, art/music/drama therapists, and other such fields of specialization.
  • Equipment specialists, ATPs, mobility assistance, durable medical equipment, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, kitchen and bath showrooms, transit services, real estate agents, home stagers, senior move managers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, aging/senior services, attorneys, dog groomers, veterinarians, caregivers, home inspectors, county extension agents, financial planners and lenders, and so many others  


Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the online CAPS graduation application or the print version
  2. Submit a signed copy of the CAPS code of ethics pledge or agree to the terms electronically
  3. Remodelers/Contractors are required to submit the following documentation:
    • Proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, or be an employee of a company that holds both (where required by local jurisdiction)
    • A valid business license (if state required)
      • Members: $75
      • Non-members: $110Graduation and Renewal Fees

        Premium Option
        NAHB will mail you a graduation kit that includes a customized CAPS plaque, lapel pin, ribbon, and a sample of the “Make Your House a Home for a Lifetime” consumer brochure.

        • Members: $145
        • Non-members: $218

        Standard Option
        Kit available online only (includes downloadable designation certificate)

        Annual Renewal Fees

      • Members: $65
      • Non-members: $95

CAPS- Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) Live Trainings

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 Meet your instructors!

April Grimaldi, MSOTR/L, CAPS, SHSS

April is the owner of Multigenerational Home Modifications, a home modifications/home safety, equipment and occupational therapy service based business. 

April is a registered and licensed practicing occupational therapist in Nevada for 12 years. She has received her (CAPS) Certified Aging in Place Specialist certification from National Association of Home Builders. Along with this certification, she has received her Senior Home Safety Specialist certification from Age Safe America.  Plus, she's a busy working mom - so if she can do it, so can you!


 Meet your instructors!

Dawn Heiderscheidt, MOT, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM, CDCS

Owner/founder of Aurora Independence

With years of experience as a practicing Occupational Therapist in traditional settings and advanced certifications Dawn grew her knowledge into a mobile therapy and home modifications business as the owner/ founder or Aurora Independence - which has now been open for 3 years. This allows her to bring her passion, experience, knowledge of evidence based interventions and client centered approach to any situation.

With her 
Executive Certification in Home Modifications from University of Southern California, Combined with her background in education, experience as an OT and history as an experienced Home Modifications therapist; Dawn combines the skills of motivational interviewing, knowledge of adaptive strategies, and client centered interventions to help individuals/ caregivers feel more confident, more secure and more independent within their home and their communities. She also is an experienced instructor for PESI.