Build Your Kids Gym and Playground Business With "How to Start Your Kid's Gym" Course


Learn the steps to starting your own sensory gym with the least upfront investment and the most profit and fun!Leverage your therapy skills to create a gym that is uniquely positioned to build a child's mental and physical strength while earning potentially $9,000 a month! Plus, therapy service business course included!

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Why Choose Us?



We are therapist run! We are PTs, SLPs and OTs here to give your kids gym the added edge from your rehab background!

We've launched 6 figure gyms with this proven model
We use your rehab skills to help create gyms that are even more attractive and highlight your medical background

We teach you how to do this as a side hustle too!

(but without any lifting or manual labor)

We teach how to launch your business while still working full time. We know this is big transition and want you to be financially secure while you do this. 

You can launch with our program with little upfront costs! 

We teach how to launch your business with literally just the cost of your LLC and a few pieces of equipment. Forget spending thousands to get started!

We've created a plan to help you scale

We teach how to launch an indoor gym, an outdoor and also even online gym services!


We are here for you! We offer email support for 1 year anytime you need help
Lifetime access and updates

 2 in 1 course! You get a therapy quick start course plus kids gym course! 

Want to eventually add therapy services? No need to buy another course, we have you covered!

Details of Each Course Module With What You Will Learn and Receive:

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Business Module:

You'll learn exactly how to get your LLC and other legal regulations be legally ready to serve children in and around your community

  • You'll learn how to set up your business name and branding-You'll learn all the different services you can offer and how to narrow then down to the most cost effective and most attractive to bring in recurring revenue to your kids gym
  • You'll learn how to set this business up whether you have only a $100 to start up or if you have $25,000. We'll teach you how to do this without needing a physical location!
  • You'll get all the forms needed: liability forms, sign up forms, automatic payment forms, etc

Planning Your Space Module:

You'll get the exact equipment list we used including pricing, quantity, size and where to buy from

  • You'll get our exact gym layout so that you don't have to worry about how to organize your space
  • You will get alternatives to this business model and equipment depending on your budget

Marketing Module:

You'll learn how to use social media to market your gym and have a line of potential clients waiting at your door on launch day

  • You'll learn how to get local media and news to market you for free
  • You'll learn how to create a free and organic marketing network with other local communities

Tech Set up Module:

You'll learn all the systems and technology we used to run our 6 figure business (including website set up, email set up and payment setup)

Online Services Module:

● How to grow your kids gym with online services too!

Hiring Services Module:

  • How to hire people including sample job posts and contracts
  • 1099 vs employees 
  • and more!

 Therapy Module:

  • How to start your therapy services/therapy business
  • How to set up EIN, PLLC/LLC, credentialing, getting Medicare approved, EMR systems, billing systems, business phone and fax - everything you need to get your therapy services up and running
  • Including exclusive discounts for billing and EMR software
  • Billing and software walk throughs
  • Forms included: Financial policy, patient authorization and consent to treat, HIPPA form

What support will you receive?

-You'll get one year of ongoing support from Alternative Healthcare Careers

-You'll get lifetime access to all resources and recordings within the course

-You'll get lifetime access to all updates

Who is this for?


Pilates-Yoga-Gyrotonic Instructors

Personal trainers and really anyone!


Why Choose To Build Your Own Kids Gym and Playground?


-Earn $9,000 a month or more while helping your community and children near you!

-Build a business you can sell for 6 figures or that you can pass on to your children!

-Build a business that runs itself - so that you can live an amazing life traveling the world!

-Help children and family's in a business where your soul just feels good!

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We have 2 payment options - pay in full or 2 monthly payments. 

2 Split Payments

$450 each


One Payment




"The course was very inspiring and helpful. It laid out each step, with all the websites and equipment used. The pictures with the building layout and liability form was especially helpful.
I wanted to get started right away when I read over everything!"

Holly S.



"First, I am really enjoying the course. You guys truly are a Godsend.  All of the resources and support you’ve provided thus far have been very helpful.  We have moved one step forward by creating our LLC. Yay!"





"Gusielle's masterclass has been so beneficial! She shares so much information that can be very confusing without guidance from Guiselle who has been successful. She also provides all of her forms and documents to get you started which is also very helpful if you are starting from scratch. She is also always willing to anwser any questions i have with great advice. 
I highly recommend this masterclass to eliminate the stress of starting a kids gym at such an affordable price with loads of information!

Kelsey B.


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If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you!