Start earning $10,000 a month with a multi-revenue stream therapy business approach!

Learn how to start your therapy business today - in an easy, efficient, and multi-revenue stream way! We'll teach you how to start your therapy business + stretch program virtual wellness, online courses/memberships, affiliate, and more! 

 Let's get you your first 10 clients in under one month of launching your brand new therapy business! 

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Who is this for?

Are you a PT/OT/SLP/COTA/PTA who wants to create your own therapy or wellness practice?

Start your virtual wellness practice or course?


Are you a PT/OT/SLP/COTA/PTA who wants to create your ALF/Mobile/Home Health business?

Or better grow your healthcare practice?

Start or add in a stretch program?


Start or add virtual reality?


Why Choose Us?


1. Easy step by step videos plus forms - that cover not just therapy business (plus virtual wellness, plus stretching, plus virtual reality) but:

-How to use all the technology to run your business

-How to use tools to run your business automatically

-Complete Podcast Course

-Complete Self Publishing Course

2.  1 free 30 min coaching call

3. Watch anytime, anywhere with our lifetime access, lifetime updates and on demand videos.

4. We provide you with a website template and help install and edit your website so that you don't have to worry about the tech!

6. We teach multiple models in one course- so that you can have MANY streams of revenue - so that you create an indestructible business!

7. We teach both organic and paid marketing methods for a better sustainable business model

8. We do not hold anything back. You need something that is missing in our program - just let us know and we'll add it. 

9. Our support is amazing! You need help, we are there!

10. Free use of our directory (reserved only for our students) so that you can get organic free leads (savings of $150 a year)

11.  Get these lead magnets and forms:

  • Customizable Stroke Recovery Guide Lead Magnet
  • Customizable Support Group Presentation
  • Sales call script
  • Hiring contracts and posts


For just $997 (split into 3 payments of $333), get everything you need to launch and grow your business to $10,000 a month (and more) in 1-3 months including technology set up, website template,  1 private coaching call, templates, scripts, lead magnets, and course education!

*And yes, we teach this for those want to start as a side hustle*

We have every step of the program built out to get you to success as fast as possible in a SUSTAINABLE way!

Week 1 - Identifying and testing your HIGH PROFIT Niche

Week 2 - Business Set up - LLC/PLLC, Accounting, Insurance, Payment Portals etc. Building your Authority Brand

Week 3 - Branding Building - Building together your logo and landing page

Week 4 - Pitching Perfection - Creating perfect pricing and pitch

Week 5 - Client acquisition automation while you work full time

Week 6 - Get high ticket clients with assisted and independent living facility contracts

Week 7 - Scaling Your Business Systems earn $100,000 + in one year or less

Week 8 MENTOR Method - creating organic growth methods for business longevity


Week 9 - Utilization of special programs (it's our secret sauce) to build your community name


Week 10 -Social Media Automation and Growth Methods to Grow Your Brand Authority Passively (but seeming active)


Week 11 - Business relationships for automatic referrals


Week 12 - Client acquisition 2.0, how to get even more leads on automation


 The Education is Just One Part! You also get:

  • Awesome discounts on Billing Nerds, Corpnet, and Hellonote
  • Virtual Reality Therapy Business Masterclass ($99 value)
  • Stretch Business Masterclass ($99 value)
  • Done with you website ($1500 value, using our Kajabi theme)

  •  Podcasting Made Simple Course - $99 value, this is your start to finish course on launching your first podcast!
  • Virtual Wellness Course - $99 value, this is your step by step course on launching your first virtual wellness business!
  • Self publishing course - $99 value, learn how to create and publish your own authority improving book on Amazon or on your website.
  • Technology costs are included (yes, email, texts and website)
  • Ergonomic Business Course - $99 value, learn how to sell your skills to individuals and corporations in ergonomics. 
  • Lifetime access to all updates
  • Lifetime access to all PDFs, videos etc

What will happen upon purchase?

1. Within minutes, you'll receive a welcome email with your login information and helpful tips.

2. At anytime, you can email us at [email protected] to schedule your coaching call and/or website set up. 

3. Feel free to email us with any questions along the way.

4. Take action on the video trainings and grow your amazing therapy business!

Unique Course Discounts Too

20% off any of our other courses (including our CEUs)

$99 HelloNote Lite Plan EMR 

Value $99 - Free For Each Of Our Students


10% off billing and credentialing.

Additionally - all members will have opportunity to make affiliate income on our future challenges and earn 10% in affiliate income! *This affiliate opportunity is only available to former and current members. 


Our Mentors Run Multi-Six Figure Businesses


Dr. Mike Chua

Co-CEO Alternative Healthcare Careers

Mike's practice see's 80-90 patients PER WEEK and averages nearly $13,500 per week or over a year $700,000 a year. 
His practice serves in multiple assisted living facilities, performs mobile care, and he just opened up a brick and mortar facility where he does therapy as well as group exercise (Gerihab). 

Mike is not only running an amazing practice but he is public leader in Dementia Care, performing public speaking events, authoring several books and courses. 

Dr. Emma Shapiro

Alternative Healthcare Careers Digital Automation Master

Emma runs a six figure online business providing business automation, sales copy, website design and creation, and advertising - all while working full time. She's authored for popular EMR companies and provided business coaching for New Gait, HelloNote and several other popular companies and currently run's both Mike's and Christina's advertising.
If you want to learn how to run your therapy business as a side hustle, she has the automations you'll love. 

Christina Buchanan


Founder and Master SLP for Trinity Speech Therapy, PLLC

Christina is the start up master! Without running ANY advertisements, she has secured in under one year of creating her business - multiple assisted living contracts and has even created a method where assisted living facilities pay her to promote herself!  
She has created herself as a SLP authority in the community without using social media either. 
Within one year of launching her solo speech therapy practice, she is on target for 6 figures and that's while launching during COVID. 

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you!

Get the model, the coaching, and the tech set up to start your therapy business today and start earning $10,000 a month in just 1-3 months of launching this brand new business!

 Let's get you your first 10 clients in under one month of launching your brand new therapy business! 

Schedule your free mentor call to see how we can help launch or improve your business!

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