Interested In Adding Travel To Your Business (Or Starting A REMOTE Travel Business)?


Learn from Karen, a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, and a skilled and highly experienced travel coach who travels the world working with home based travel agents to start and successfully build their business.


Whether you need a fun side gig, a second stream of income, or want to have fun traveling for a discounted rate, the travel business can achieve all those goals - AND FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME (or wherever!).


Karen would love to have a conversation and see if this is a fit for you and/or your business! Click on our messenger chat below to talk one on one!

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Plus, there is a 1 year profit guarantee - if you do not make, earn or save back your investment then you can hand back the keys to your business and get a full refund. (You have to try a little too)


What's a Travel Agent and what can you do?

There is so much you can do as an accessible travel agent!

  • Get discounts for your friends and family
  • Be an accessible travel agent
  • Be a dementia travel agent
  • Be a children/autistic/sensory travel agent
  • Be a wellness/health coach travel agent

Sky is the limit!

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Free video trainings provided upon joining, live webinar trainings, and much more help!

What is included....

  • You get a profit back guarantee. 
  • You get lifetime support and access to mentorship anytime
  • You get onboarding courses that walk you through everything from how to travel, to how to market, and use technology to grow your business
  • You get amazing discounts on travel that you can use yourself as well as for your clients

Create a thriving and fun side hustle that makes everyone ask how you did it!


Continue to grow your passive income, so you take control and ownership of your future!


Grow a team so that you can scale your business, build residual income, and spend more time with family and passive income!


Be your own boss and enjoy that new found time freedom and flexibility that seems to be missing from your life!

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Every business is unique. During these trainings session you will:

  • Choose your area of focus
  • Create a map to success
  • Fine-tune your process
  • And much more!

You’ll leave this these trainings with a clear vision of where you want to grow and how you’re going to get there. 

Hi I'm Karen OTR/L!


My name is Dr. Karen, aka Doc Holiday! I recently returned to Western Colorado where I was born and raised after living and traveling all over the world for 20+ years as a traveling OT. Being a Traveling OT allowed me this life of travel and I used to travel every spare moment I got, which included every weekend and holiday. Whereas there were many perks to the travel therapy gig, healthcare in general and being a traveling therapist, something was missing. Most of my time in traditional healthcare settings, I felt misaligned and like a cog in the wheel of the medical mill. Travel became my therapy as burnout would set in but it was never long lasting when I had to return to the medical mill. I felt incarcerated more than employed! 

A desire within me grew to travel part of what I did for a living, both for myself and others, combining my skills as a rehab professional with the travel industry. 

A year ago, I learned of a pathway to become a travel agent through a host agency as well as a travel business sponsor that created a pathway for building a team of travel agents! Perfect!  I have always known that the way to true financial freedom is through residual income that team building allows and the travel agent side of the business created a path for creating the unique adventures and experiences for all, regardless of age or ability that I was seeking. .

Within nine months, I had built a team of 125+ agents, booked dozens of trips, and have traveled extensively, combining therapy with my travel business, fun and adventure. Most importantly, I RETIRED MYSELF OUT OF TRADITIONAL THERAPY HEALTHCARE SETTINGS! I am moving towards financial, time and travel freedom. I couldn’t have dreamed up something better!

Turns out, I just needed the right VEHICLE and TRAVEL is it for me! I have made thousands in commission,REPLACED my income from team building and override commissions, and I have saved thousands on my own personal travel through agent discounts and commissions from my own travel. And I have


I am hiring and looking for others who are like me!! Are you my next TRAVEL ROCKSTAR?

Do you love to travel?

Are you always planning trips for yourself and friends/family?

Are you feeling misaligned in your current profession? 

Or maybe you love your job but you want to have more freedom to travel and adventure that a travel side biz would allow?

Would you like to have more time, travel, and financial freedom? 

My goal is to help as many travel lovers reach their goals regarding time freedom, financial freedom and most importantly, travel freedom! I am only successful if you are!

So come on! What are you waiting for? LET’S GO!

Are you ready to start your

Accessible Travel Agent Business??

Send me a message below to chat personally and learn more!

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I recently started my accessible travel business and I am already growing a team of therapist travel planners and have booked several trips! Plus, bye bye burnout!

Shannon, OTR/L


In less than 1 year, I built a business of 250 agents and retired my husband from his job!” - Sarah

Within 10 months, I was already able to quit my job and do full time as a travel agent!

_Karen OTR/L

This is a great addition to my therapy business - I already have lots of built in clients! It's rewarding for the myself and my patients!

_Mike PT, DPT