How to Start Your Home Modification Business With Multigenerational Home Modifications

home modifications occupational therapist assistant occupational therapy Dec 04, 2022
How to Start Your Home Modification Business With Multigenerational Home Modifications

How to Start Your Home Modification Business With Multigenerational Home Modifications

Have you wondered how, as a PT, PTA, OT, COTA/OTA or any other designation, you could start your own home modification business and how to be successful at running your own home modification business? In this article, we interviewed April Grimaldi from Multigenerational Home Modifications, a therapy and home modification business and talked with her on her success in running a business as an occupational therapist. 


How to Start Your Home Modification Business With Multigenerational Home Modifications:

  • Name and business name:

April Grimaldi, CEO and Occupational Therapist at Multigenerational Home Modifications 


  • When you did you start your home mod/therapy business?  

April 2020


  • How has it grown since then?

Caseload is slowly increasing. It has taken me a while to really start marketing, as I tend to be an introvert.  But I'm recently partnered with another local therapist which has been helpful, as we then are like a team when we perform local in services and charity events.  This has helped me be more comfortable and willing to put myself out there and now that I've increased my marketing and exposure, I'm getting much more clients. 


  • What inspired you to start this and especially home modifications?

I have thought about home modifications for a while during my career as an OT and now with insurance changes and patients getting discharged early and ALF being so expensive, I wanted to assist seniors to age in place. It's a great tie in with occupational therapy! 

  • What certifications did you take to help you with this career change and business?

I took the CAPS and SHSS  certifications. I highly recommend the CAPS and there is a great program here: 

  • Wha'ts a day in the life look like?

Being a business owner is a lot of work. Looking through Facebook groups to see who we can market to, answering calls, returning calls, billing, writing notes, completing evaluations, marketing, contacting ATP, contacting insurance are some of your duties. Wearing all the hats of being a business owner can be a lot but I enjoy home safety assessments and am very passionate about it and patient care and so the day goes by really fast!


  • What recommendations do you have for others interested in following in your foot steps?

Stay positive as it does not happen overnight but I am definitely seeing my marketing paying off now. It is a small community and people know each other so tell everyone what your doing you never know who will surprise you and assist you. 

  • Anything else you would want to add?

I joined forces with a Physical Therapist and we are creating resources for seniors. We have started a Senior Walking Group and going strong since May. We also will be opening up a "memory cafe" next year so we are currently working on that. It's been really nice to have someone to throw ideas at and collaborate so I highly recommend having a coach and friends who are doing something similar to help support you in this process.

I also opened a Senior independent shared living home and have one resident currently. I think it's important to be diverse in your business, especially at first, and see what happens from your ideas and then narrow it down from there. 

We hope you enjoyed this example of amazing therapists and assistants! Looking to get started in your own home modifications business? Join our online CAPS Certification program here to help launch your home modifications buisiness, it's taught by OT's who have their own business, and includes a website template as well as canva sales graphics and CEU credit: Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!  


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