How Guiselle Miranda OTR/L Launched Her $100,000 Yr Kids Gym In Just One Year

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How Guiselle Miranda OTR/L Launched Her $100,000 Yr Kids Gym In Just One Year

How Guiselle Miranda OTR/L Launched Her $100,000 Yr Kids Gym In Just One Year


Guiselle is an occupational therapist who frustrated with lack of growth as an OT and crazy productivity demands, decided to create her own kids gym! And within one year, she built an amazing kids gym, earning her six figures a year, and helping tons of children a long the way! This article will share how she created her kids gym so that you can be inspired to start your own community pediatric program too!

About Guiselle’s 6 figure Kids Gym:

Within one year Guiselle as the single business employee and founder, had created a six figure business. It wasn’t easy but she had a brick and mortar location where she offered open gym, birthday parties, hand writing classes, sensory classes.

She also networked with other business owners, having special guests from local music businesses or painting businesses.
She worked really hard to promote her gym even before it opened, using social media and social media advertising.

And on opening day, she had a huge line out the door of families eager to come to their first day at her gym!



What inspired her to create her kids gym?

Guiselle, just like many therapists out there, wanted to have more interaction with her occupational therapy patients. But her job limited her from having the interaction and the fun she wanted to have with per pediatric patients.

She wanted to have something that she could grow financially but also that helped serve the kids that her current OT job couldn’t continue to help. And thus, the inspiration for her kids gym!


What is the first steps she took to start her kids gym?

The first step to creating her kids gym was to gather all the data. Guiselle even calls herself a very “analytical person” and “needed all the information first”.

After she gathered her data, she started to plan out her occupational therapy and kids gym, figuring out where she would open her gym, staffing, and what services she would offer.

After that, she began working on her marketing. She opened social media accounts and created Facebook advertisements.

She networked with local businesses that had similar but non competing businesses. For example, she partnered with a local kids musical artist who came into do classes and in turn, referred patients to her and she referred clients to him.

She held special promotional events – especially on opening day, with face painting, food and prizes.

It was hard work and she had a lot of challenges. She had to quickly learn how to be a CEO – negotiating lease extensions, referral relationships and marketing all by herself. But overtime, it all paid off and soon the business was growing by itself (well, more by itself).

What was the most impactful for helping her create and grow her kids gym?

Using Instagram to publish updates as she was creating her gym was instrumental in helping build her pre-kids gym launch list. She would take pictures of her and her family having fun building the equipment and renovating the location and post it to instragm consistently before and even after launching.

After launch, she had all the children and parents sign waivers releasing the rights to allow for photos and this enabled her to take pictures of the awesome art work children would make, or a child balancing on a beam or having fun playing in the sensory area.

The other most impactful thing she did to create success in her occupational therapy kids gym business was using Facebook advertising. This enabled her to quickly grow her social media followers as well as email followers and get attention is very fast time span for a relatively low cost.


What is her top advise to potential kids gym creators?

Get started and take that leap!

But another big point is that I wish I would not have gone right to owning my own store front. I now teach other therapists and assistants how to open their gym without really any upfront costs and this is so much less stressful.

There are a lot of different ways to start your gym besides a traditional brick and mortal location like day cares, other gyms, parks and people’s homes to name a few.


We really hope this article has helped you decide if you may want to launch your kids gym and also giving you the courage to take action!

If you want to take action, we have a free kids gym challenge you can join here!

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