How Student DPT's can do more - self publishing and compliance mentoring

self publishing students and new grads Oct 19, 2021
Self publishing as a PT student

How Student DPT's can do more - self publishing and compliance mentoring

Physical therapy students can do more! Self publishing and CQI compliance and quality mentoring while still in school!

Student physical therapist Brandon C. Schaffer, while in his clinical with Dr. Mike Chua PT,DPT was inspired to write a book on how he became a CQI compliance and quality mentor as a student titled "20 Tips to Write Defensive Documentation to Maximize Reimbursement".

We hope it helps inspire you that you can so many things while still in PT school. 

Time Stamps: 

01:43 – Introducing Brandon Schaffer

 03:21 – What does he do?

07:50  What qualifies you to be a CQI?

10:39 – What made him write a book?

13:38 – Brandon gives us some tips.

14:36 – What are the different companies you can apply for to be a Mock Auditor or CQI?

15:36 – How do they do their Facility Charts?

17:31 – Where can we reach Brandon?

18:15 – Last parting wisdom from Brandon.

19:05 – Always remember the word F-A-S-T!

Here is his book if interested: Amazon: (This is an affiliate link)


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