How to Be a Full Time PTA, Health Coach, and Professional Coder

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How to Be a Full Time PTA, Health Coach, and Professional Coder

How to Be a Full Time PTA and Successful Health Coach At the Same Time

How to Be a Full Time PTA, Health Coach, and Professional Coder With Jennifer Getchell

My name is Jennifer Getchell and I am a PTA, CPC and Primal Health Coach. 

I graduated Lassell College in Newton MA on 5/1997 as a physical therapist assistant.  I was also starting my family at this time, married in 9/1997 and my first child 8/1998.  My therapy career started shortly after that. 

I started in a small outpatient clinic setting.  My first job was not a good fit for me.  I needed more exposure and experience.  I actually think I needed a bigger space to move around. 

In 2000, I applied for another PTA position in Lowell MA at a SNF.  I have been working in LTC/Geriatric population in a SNF to present.  I enjoy this type of setting, the varied diagnosis, the challenges of an aging population and  the space to move around. But, as all therapists/assistants know, treating patients based on diagnosis only doesn't always dictate therapy.  Insurances play a big role, which never sat well with me. 

I am fortunate enough to have medical insurance through my husband.  This gave me the flexibility to pursue other interests while working on a Part time basis. 

My Journey to Becoming A Certified Professional Coder

In 2016, I became a certified professional coder (CPC). 

It was a challenge completing the certification and breaking into the industry but I did it! 

I got a remote coding job with Arrohealth as a risk adjustment coder.  This was my ultimate goal, to work from home.... Or so I thought! 

Once again, I found myself feeling confined to a small area, sitting in front of a computer, Even in my own home.  I was still practicing therapy and my facility allowed me to modify my hours to accomodate my coding position. 

So, at this point, Its 2017, I'm not enjoying coding, still doing therapy P/T, the void has not been filled, whats next??? I'm missing my calling!

My Journey To Health Coaching

I have always enjoyed reading and educating myself on natural ways to health and healing.  The way it used to be before "Big Pharm" took over the world.   I have read some amazing books; Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson (this was my very first eye opener, read it twice, He is my role model), Anti Anxiety cook book by Ali Miller, RD,CDE ( i can listen to her speak for hours, so incredibly intelligent), Keto Reset by Mark Sisson, Paleo Principles by Sarah Ballantyne, PHD just to name a few.  I have listened to hundreds of podcasts from Primal Blueprint, Naturally Nourished,  Optimize Paleo, Paleo Magazine Radio, Bee the wellness and so many more.   I follow pages on Facebook from Dr Suzanne Humphries, Stop Mandatory Vaccines, Larry Cook, Erin at Health Nut news and The Truth about Cancer etc.  The Truth about Cancer is a documentary that interviews medical practicioners about cancer and alternative approaches that have been very successful. I highly recommend everyone watch it.  My brief description does it no justice.

 I came across a health coaching certification course created by Mark Sisson. 

I'm a PTA, a CPC and now I want to pursue health coaching.  My husband thought i was crazy and did not see how i could make any income from this, but, as always, I had his blessing. 

I signed up for the course completed it and told myself I will quit coding once I get my first client.  I got my first client in the Summer of 2018 and I quit coding.  

My business name(and facebook page) is "Get Primal For Life", I offer 1 or 3 month programs. 

I don't like to label the type of "diet" I use with my clients.  I walk them through clean eating, remove poisons(yes, we ingest poisons in some foods) from their diet and influence active lifestyle practices( not killing yourself at the gym every day).  I give 1:1 support, 24 hour text support(within reason), cupboard cleanouts, weekly wt/measurements to track progress, recipes, grocery shopping excursions and the knowledge to make informed decisions for future success and sustainability.  This is primally centered eating and lifestyle approach. 

This program works and you can refer to my FB page for reviews/testimonies from my past clients of their continued success.  My husband and I have also seen positive results, I have lost almost 20 pounds since I started my journey and my husband has noticed significant improvement in his ROM and decreased pain( He's a Union carpenter, alot of wear and tear on the body).  Poor eating habits increase inflammation in your body.  And, as we all know, Infammation is the root of all disease.

I would recommend to everyone, Educate yourself, step out of the main stream media/medical advice and research alternative approaches.  Primal nutrition is going back to the ways of our ancestors, the way our genes were meant to be expressed. 

My only regret is not educating myself more on the business building piece of it.  The course offers this support, i just need to sit down and do it.  I will continue working as a PTA ( as long as my job still exists) but ultimately, I want to build my coaching business to be my sole means of income because I have finally found my  calling and what I was put on this earth to do! 

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