How to use virtual reality in your PT or OT practice - with Neuro Rehab VR

remote jobs virtual reality Oct 19, 2021
How to use virtual reality in your PT or OT practice - Neuro Rehab VR

How to use virtual reality in your PT or OT practice - with Neuro Rehab VR

How to use virtual reality in your PT or OT practice - with Neuro Rehab VR

In this webinar, Veena Somareddy share's her experience as co-founder of Neur Rehab VR. She discussed how she is collaboarting with physical and occupational therapists to improve virtual reality and therapeutic outcomes as well as where she thinks the future of virtual reality will take us.


Below are the main time stamps:

1. How Veena started her journey as Neuro Rehab VR co-founder:

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Veena: Okay, well, it's been a long journey and a lot of learning. So I how it started was I've always been interested in technology.  So that's been there. I knew that I was going to do computer science like since I was a kid.  And I came to the States in about 2012 to do my masters in game design and development. And while I was working on it as also walking in the virtual reality lab.

And that's where we started to learn about VR and how to develop for VR so and I was always interested in being in healthcare, but but not be a doctor.

And in this particular company, it was my co founder who can found me on. He started his clinic because his son had a brain injury about five years ago. He wanted to help his son and help others and have robotic systems and a lot of other technology to further their recovery.

2. The importance of mentorship and some important mentors in Neuro Rehab VR's journey:

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Veena: Oh, definitely. So, I mean, it's really great to have people on your side who have been there done it, they can give you very practical advice. And you should also be careful about our people want to give you advice is, take it with a grain of salt. And I think by now, I've kind of found those people who are helping us with the business. So my first mentor was actually in school, Brian chambers from capital factory. He encouraged me to apply for the big idea competition and school and I did and I ended up winning it.

I've had a lot of input. And then we have a couple of board members who are really amazing. They helped me think big because sometimes in your in your company or just working on day to day things and like you need to pull back from a strategize what it's going to be 10 years from now 15 years from now.

3. How Veena improved the pitch for her company:

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Veena: I practiced about 15 times I had.  I went to about 10 people got feedback on my pitch deck and that's what I've been doing since then.  The last two and a half years my pitches evolved, but if you're obviously raising funding pitching is very important issues just learn how to pitch and you have to be able to tell your story in a very easy way that, you know, people can understand it without making it complicated, especially when it comes to our product having In reference to neuroplasticity, and physical therapy Tom's we have to, like, bring it down to something that they can understand what the problem is really quickly and then what your solution is and then the mark:

And and in the end. Don't be nervous about that to me because you know more about your product and what you're doing, whether anybody else. So go with that confidence and that does help out a lot.

4. Why virtual reality in rehabilitation?

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Veena: You have a new tool that you can use instead of like form or, you know, like a bosu ball you have something much, much, much cooler. Patients are happier and they're immersed and that kind of helps with encoding of the brain helps with just like when you're learning something, you, the more you're focused on it, the better your lawn and that you're learning to get back your liver function. And you've seen patients are able their training transfer greatly improved.

To learn more about using Neuro Rehab VR, please go to

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