How The NewGait Harness Improves Patient Walking Outcomes

Oct 19, 2021
How The NewGait Harness Improves Patient Walking Outcomes

How The NewGait Harness Improves Patient Walking Outcomes

The NewGait is a patented and innovative device that can be used in a variety of rehabilitation settings to help people regain strength and mobility to ultimately improve walking outcomes.   In this article, you'll learn how Jordan Strofaci and Benga Adeeko discovered this idea and how they are working hard to bring this clinics around the world to help patient 

How the NewGait device originally was created:

The NewGait device was originally conceived as a sports performance training device called the SpeedMaker.  In 2014, Benga Adeeko, a licensed professional engineer and former track & field standout and coach, had always sought out a way to help athletes train more effectively.

He then began developing a device that would target the muscle groups most responsible for sprint performance, without compromising running form. After months of development, he presented the first SpeedMaker prototype to Jordan Strofaci, a fellow coach and speed trainer who instantly loved the idea.  Although it is an amazing device to help sprinters and runners train, the idea of helping rehabilitation clinics had not yet been realized.

But in 2016, Kim Spranger, a physical therapist, saw the SpeedMaker, and thought that the apparatus could be helpful to rehabilitate a young woman that had a devastating spinal cord injury. She was told that she would never walk again, but today, she can be found chasing cows on her dairy farm or competing in 5k races.! The video of her recovery can be seen here.   It was an incredible recovery, all of which centered around this amazing therapist's work and the SpeedMaker (now called NewGait).


Listen to this interview we performed with the founders on their process and how NewGait is helping patients around the world!

The NewGait has been seen on ABC News10, KTBV,, TV6 and more! 

What is the NewGait Device?

The NewGait is harness that can easily be customizable to the shape, size, and impairment you want to address. This harness is used not just for walking and gait instabilities but for pain reduction, orthopedic recovery, and anyone with neurologic deficits.

Here is a picture of the harness. It has an adjustable D loop that can adjust the harness in any way you need, allowing it to have a variety of patient use cases.

Patient Use Cases and Use Strategies:

I've been amazed at literally the infinite amount of use cases for the NewGait harness. Because it address range of motion, strength and pain reduction, it's a device that can be used for orthopedic conditions, chronic pain, status post CVA, status post amputation to name a few. 

In this video, we interview several different therapists who have used the NewGait to dramatically improve their patient outcomes. 


Patient Recovery Stories:

The recovery process has been dramatically altered and improved by the NewGait. Here are some amazing videos.


If you are interested in using this in your clinic, they have a free 30 day trial program that includes phone and online training here.

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