Remote Occupational Therapy Career - Talk Path Live Tele-Therapist

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Remote Occupational Therapy Career - Talk Path Live Tele-Therapist

Remote Occupational Therapy Career - Talk Path Live Tele-Therapist:

If you are looking for a remote career as an occupational therapist that still utilizes your clinical skills, then I highly recommend you look into Talk Path Live. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down if Talk Path Live is the right position for you by going over: the salary, a day in the life, training, pros and cons. We’ll even cover how to get hired for this remote therapy position. 


What is Talk Path Live?

Talk Path LIve is a tele-therapy company that primarily services school based clients from preschool to 12th grade, with varying diagnoses and abilities. However, they do also provide clinic based tele therapy and also serve adults in the private pay division. 


Who can work for Talk Path Live?

They hire a variety of providers including: Occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, counselors, social workers, school psychologists, and educational diagnosticians.


What is a typical day of a Talk Path Live therapist? 

Your day can be as busy or not busy as you desire, and same with the treatment length. If you are working in a school setting, typically the day is filled with treatment and consults. You may also be asked to attend meetings and evaluations. 


Average treatment length will vary from 15-60 minutes. 


You can accept as many or as few clients/students as you wish. With a full schedule,  you could see anywhere from 5-10 treatment sessions per day. 


Does Talk Path Live provide training?

Yes! And even better, it’s a PAID training! There are paid orientation sessions as well as paid contract specific training. 


In addition, providers always have access to support and there are lead clinicians that they can get help from within their discipline. There are also monthly discipline collaboration hours but these are voluntary. 

What equipment do you need for this role? 

Just like any digital role, you’ll want to look good on screen. We recommend you find a room that is free of clutter, that has bright light or a window, and is relatively quite. 


It is in an interesting thing but I often recommend a good webcam (the C922 is the best for its price and quality) and getting an alternative light that is not a regular house light but to be honest, if you have a new or newish Mac Computer than you may not even need this based on the Zoom calls I’ve had with Mac users. But I would test this out with friends and family first! 


At what capacity will you be hired? (Full time, part time, contract):

This is a contract position. What does this mean?  If you want to have a side hustle that may work into full time, then this is perfect! Looking for part time, then this is perfect! This can give you the option to slowly transition away from your in person clinical job and move to this remote non clinical healthcare position. 

Advice for acing the Talk Path Live interview:

  • Be yourself!
  • Come prepared to share your professional experience and be ready to answer questions based on the setting you are interviewing for.

Why do you recommend Talk Path Live?

Talk Path Live has a family feel and offers a supportive environment. They view providers a people first, not just cash cows. This is quite different from other telehealth companies, in my experience.

Any other tips for therapists or assistants looking to get hired at Talk Path Live?

I would say taking the leap fully into telehealth is the hardest part if you are used to a traditional in-person setting. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone reaps many benefits and will pay off in the end!


Thank you to Erin Ramos, Occupational Therapist who uses Talk Path Live as a remote career and side hustle for helping provide this information!


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