Remote Work Ideas For PT, PTAs, OT, OTAs, and SLPs

remote jobs Oct 19, 2021
Remote Work Ideas For PT, PTAs, OT, OTAs, and SLPs

Remote Work Ideas For PT, PTAs, OT, OTAs, and SLPs

Remote Work Ideas For Rehabilitation Professionals

Many therapists and assistants are looking for ways to either 1) earn extra income as a side hustle online, 2) leave healthcare all together for a role that is remote, or 3) find a role that is online but still uses their clinical skills.  

Below, I've divided up each of these paths so that you can easily find remote full time, part time, contract employment that still allows you to use your clinical skills in some regard and lastly a list of entrepreneurship and side hustle positions. 

You can download the whole list and resources here:

Remote Full Time Employment

These are positions where you are full time employee for a company and you still use your healthcare knowledge. 

  1. Utilization Reviewer - You'll review medical records for appropriateness. You can learn more about how to become a utilization reviewer here:
  2. Health coaching for companies like Noom. You can learn more about this here:
  3. Some tele health companies
  4. Travel/Full time recruiting - helping therapists get contract or full time positions, often is full time but pay is combo of salary and commission. You can learn more about this profession here
  5. Sales - this is often a combination of salary and commission

Remote Part Time/As Needed Employment:

Below are jobs that allow you to collect payment from an employer and not as a contract worker or as an business owner and of which you still use your clinical knowledge:

  1. Education/Adjunct faculty
  2. CEU course creator for a CEU company
  3. XR Health - Virtual Reality tele health provider
  4. Sales - this is often a combination of salary and commission

Remote Contract/1099 Employment:

These are positions where you are working in healthcare related positions but as a 1099 independent contractor.

  1. Ergonomics - In addition to sometimes being a fully employed position or your own business, if you search, you’ll find remote ergonomic contract positions. You can learn more here:
  2. Presence Learning - tele health OT and SLP for special needs . You can learn more here
  3. Many tele health companies
  4. UX/UI Design Positions - often as needed contract work for various app related companies to ensure accessibility
  5. CEU course creator - some companies will hire you for just one course, as an advisor, or more permanently
  6. Healthcare writer
  7. Teaching english as a 2nd language -  with VIP Kids and other companies

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare:

These are all ideas of things you can do with your healthcare skills but on your own as a business owner or side hustler. 

  1. Tele Health Practice
  2. Wellness Practice
  3. Ergonomics practice
  4. Course creator
  5. Memberships - such as personal training, wellness video Netflix like memberships
  6. Virtual assistant - can be video editing, audio editing, email, website, advertising, scheduling, billing
  7. Check out this blog that walks you through how to become a VA:
  8. Consultant - really this can be for any nice - social media, website, email, messenger bots, video, audio, marketing, self publishing, courses, accessibility etc
  9. Affiliate marketer
  10. You can learn more about how to get into this here
  11. Ecommerce
  12. Self published author/audiobook creator
  13. Graphic designer
  14. YouTuber
  15. Blogger
  16. Podcaster
  17. App creator
  18. Advertising
  19. Day trading/investing
  20. Real estate owner/air bnb

Fiverr type roles you could provide remotely using your healthcare or other skills:

These are skills that you may have that you can provide on your own but also on sites like Fiverr or Upwork:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Ghost writing
  3. Translation
  4. Video/audio editing
  5. Email creating/editing
  6. Graphic design - logos, social media, book covers
  7. Advertising
  8. Website creation
  9. Audio book editor
  10. Audiobook voice or podcast intro voice
  11. UX/UI/accessibility assessment

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