Running your health coaching business with

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Running your health coaching business with

Running your health coaching business with is a an all in one tool that can help you start, grow and manage your health coaching and even your tele health practice.

In this video, I interview the founder, Nathlie Garcia, a former nutritionist, as she talks about creating the software and how it helps healthcare professionals in a variety of settings and all over the world treat people.

This tool has:

  1. HIPPA compliance
  2. Emails
  3. Video conferencing
  4. Documentation
  5. Nutrition guides
  6. and much more

It's pretty much the complete tool to help you start your health coaching business. 

Below is another video that combines the talents of both Tavonna Boggs and Nathalie Garcia, and walks through the more specific set up of to start launching your virtual business. 


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