How to Work From Home As A Travel Therapy Recruiter

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How to Work From Home As A Travel Therapy Recruiter

How to Work From Home As A Travel Therapy Recruiter - Work Remotely and Make $100,000

How to Work From Home As A Travel Therapy Recruiter - Work Remotely and Make $100,000

Are you looking for a job that you can do from the comfort of your home plus one that also pays you similar to your physical therapy or occupational therapy salary? 

One option you may want to consider is becoming a travel therapy recruiter! You won't need any more education, you can work from home, and make potentially six figures or more! Let's dive into what is travel therapy recruiting and it's pro's and con's.


What is Travel Therapy Recruiting?

There are some facilities who need therapists, but only for short term contracts of about 13 weeks on average. These could be hospitals, nursing homes, out patient, schools or even home health agencies. They often need a therapist quickly and for a short time due to several reasons including: a work that has recently taken leave due to a sickness or pregnancy or this clinic has seasonal influxes of patients to name a few reasons. 

Don't worry, I was a traveler for several years and it's 100% legit! The facilities were great, the staff in both the facility and travel agency were great, and so you can feel proud to be a recruiter. In fact, I highly recommend traveling to help therapists pay off their loans, so you should feel good that you can help therapists overcome their debt!

Oh and you can actually be a recruiter not just for travel therapy positions but also permanent positions as many travel companies do permanent and travel. You can even do recruiting for non clinical jobs too within these same companies. 

What roles may I have to do as a travel recruiter?

It is a bit of a sales role. The goal is to find therapists to start travel positions or to keep your therapists performing travel assignments. The workflow would be something like - post on social media your travel jobs, answer social media questions, reach out to those people via phone or email to schedule a call, performing these calls and then any follow up needed. 

Here is a breakdown:

1. Social media posting and commenting

2. Phone calls to new or current travelers

3. Following up with current travelers and making sure things are good. When it get's closer to their end date, making sure they are getting hired for a new travel position.

4. Meetings with other staff or team members

How do I find travel recruiting positions?

My recommendation is to search travel therapy companies, such as Advanced, MAS, Core Medical, MedStaffing, Aureus to name a few and then seeing if they are hiring on their site. 

You can also search on or directly contact a recruiter on social media or LinkedIn and seeing if they know any positions. 

What are travel recruiting job requirements?

You'll find this transition super easy as a therapist! There is no extra education you need, other than some simple training on the systems used by the travel company. As a therapist, you fit all the criteria and more - make sure to sell the fact that as a therapist, you can help make these travelers feel heard, safe, and help make sure they enjoy traveling so that they can travel for a long time. 

What are the pro's and con's of being a travel therapy recruiter?


1. Very few remote jobs where you are employee can pay you the same as a therapist. Recruiting could. It is often a salary plus commission based job, but if you are hard working, you could make six figures or more.

2. You get to work from home! Not all companies have remote positions but quite a few do.

3. It's not physical at all.  No extra education needed. Learning curve is very quick.

4. Although it is sales, I find travel recruiting pretty natural and almost think of it like mentoring. I did travel recruiting referrals for a while and worked closely with travelers and recruiters and I never felt salesy as I always tried to advocate for the traveler and help guide their career. 


1. You need to sort of be always on. You may get calls at any time. Now you can of course wait to answer them, but the more proactive the recruiter, the better. 

2. It is somewhat sales like I said. So it's not for you if you aren't willing to do calls, social media posting and other advertising like roles.

3. It is commission plus salary so it is not a guaranteed paycheck. You have to work for your sales. Now, as you become a more established recruiter, you will make more money but it's not a $100,000 salary - much of that is commission.

I really hope this articles helps give you the confidence to find a remote position! Best of luck and feel free to share this with a friend if you think it will help them too!

What would be other remote career options or even side hustle ideas? 

Here are some more options:

-Remote Health Coaching

-Remote Tele Health

-Remote Ergonomics

-Teaching English Remotely To Children Across the World

-Medical Sales

-Online Entrepreneurship

We'll be writing up articles on each of these topics, so check back soon! Thank you and good luck!

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