How to earn 6 figures as a PT/PTA owning a kids gym

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How to earn 6 figures as a PT/PTA owning a kids gym

How to earn 6 figures as a PT/PTA owning a kids gym

If you are looking for amazing physical therapy entrepreneurial avenues, then look no further! Creating your own kids gym is simple, fun, and can earn you potentially $100,000 a year or more!


Step 1: Create your kids gym

We have a complete article here that walks you through each step to open your own kids gym as a PT or a PTA. But the first step is to take a leap! You can do this as a full time business or as a part time business.

Let’s break down the numbers:
$50 a month for open gym only x 100 children = $5000 a month
$50 per special class per person x 100 children = $5000 a month
Total $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year!
Note that just like with regular gyms, not all 100 children will show up each month and every day.

You can totally play around with the price of your open gym and services and also funding from state and local grants.


Step 2: Optimize your kids gym

Once you have opened your kids gym, you want to think about how you can better improve your business. What are some ideas?

-How are your services doing? Is there any service that is not earning as much as the others? Is there a service everyone is asking for but that you don’t offer?
-How are your prices? Could you raise them or add more pricing tiers?
-How are your marketing efforts? Which marketing avenue is brining in the most business? Is it referrals, is it one specific person, is it advertising, is it social media?
-Of your best marketing channels, how could you further improve them?
-Could you expand your gym areas?
Could you expand into having contractors or employee’s help you provide open gym and services?
-Could you connect with more business people in your local community to grow your business?

3. Scale your kids gym with more services, more open gym time, more advertising and contractors or employees.

You are likely going to start this business just by yourself. But once you get the concept proved and you start having children coming to your gym, you’ll feel the need to expand and get more help.

Pricing changes, improved marketing and hiring people are really after a certain point, the only way to go up.

You can easily earn six figures as an OT or a COTA by yourself running your own kids gym – Guiselle Miranda is an OTR/L and an amazing example of this and you can see her story here But once you get to $100,000 a year, the above tips are the next steps for you.


We really hope this article has helped you decide if you may want to launch your kids gym and also giving you the courage to take action!
If you want to take action, we have a kids gym course you can join here!



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