Top Remote PRN/Contract/Flexible Jobs for PTs, OTs, PTAs, OTA/COTAs, and SLPs

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Top Remote PRN/Contract/Flexible Jobs for PTs, OTs, PTAs, OTA/COTAs, and SLPs

Top Remote PRN/Contract/Flexible Jobs for PTs, OTs, PTAs, OTA/COTAs, and SLPs

We have articles on top part time remote roles for therapists, top part time remote roles for assistants, as well as top remote full time roles for therapists and top remote full time roles for assistants, but sometimes you just want a role you can do a few hours a week on the side remotely - and that's what's today blog post is for! 

In this guide, we'll go over various companies, job titles, and job search terms to help you find a remote role that's' as flexible as they come!

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And while there may be more remote rehabilitation jobs out there, my focus with this guide is to highlight jobs that:

  • Still pay well and comparative to your current therapist/assistant salary
  • Require little to no additional education
  • Are as flexible as they come
  • Are remote or at least hybrid remote (ie. remote opportunities)
  • And that utilize at least in part, your therapy background/skills


Within each remote PRN/contract/flex job, we’ll highlight:

  • The roles within that remote job or side hustle
  • Who would be a good fit for this role
  • The qualifications and education required
  • Pay scale
  • How to find these career paths


Awesome, with that said, let's get to our list! 


Remote Career PRN/flex/contract jobs For PTs, OTs, PTAs, SLPs, OTA/COTAs:
(this is in no particular order)


 1. Tele Health:

Okay, I know this is probably the most obvious one - but it's one of the easiest remote roles to do as a side hustle for your own business or as a contractor for other companies. Assistants, keep checking these roles as they may open up more to you but right now, I've mostly seen these roles just for therapists but check out this one for PTAs - so it is 100% possible!


What are some companies that may hire tele health contractors?

The list really changes, as this is a rapidly growing field but here are some companies to look for:

  • SWORD Health
  • Presence Learning


What are the requirements and pay?

The requirements and pay will vary by company, by hours you work, and a number of different factors but here's some requirements that SWORD Health posted in their PRN remote tele health role:

  • You need to have DPT ( Doctor of Physical Therapy)
  • At least 3 years of clinical experience *I'm telling you to ignore this number! Still apply, this as this is a flexible number, I was doing PRN tele PT at 1 year after graduating)
  • Must be a licensed physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist
  • Experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to engage patients;
  • Ability to think outside the box and adapt to a hands-off approach;
  • Hard-working and able to handle the pressure of a fast-paced environment.

I think some other things that may help you stand out would be mentioning in your application any previous remote work experience you've had and any tele health CEUs or classes or certifications you've taken as well. 


What is the pay?

Healing Hands Home Health was paying $80 -$110 per hour for remote tele therapy visits and so I would advocate for around that range in any role you take as a contractor because they aren't paying you benefits or insurance, and so that rates should be higher than your full time hourly salary.


 2. Virtual Reality:

Yes I'm excited to share that many full time, part time but even contracting roles within virtual reality can be remote! 

2 great companies to look out for are XR Health and Neuro VR - and they often have roles for assistants! 


What are the job requirements?

Usually they hire assistants or therapists, but having a valid license is a must as this is under insurance coverage and is under therapy services, as well as having remote work experience, prior VR experience, and at least 1 year of clinical experience is helpful. 


What is the typical pay?

This really varies, but usually the pay is similar to clinical salaries. 


3.  Assistive Technology and Sales:

You may be seeing that I often lump sales and assistive technology together and thats because they sometimes are very similar roles or sales is often involved in ATP job roles.  But I love this role as this is also commonly offered to therapists as well as assistants - and don't be scared off by the ATP or assistive technology professional title as many companies will help pay for you to take this test and the requirements are very easy - in fact, we all meet the requirements and we just have to take the test. 

Here is a job example:

But pay and requirements are usually a associates or bachelors degree in any field, previous assistive equipment experience ( which we all have), and good customer service attitude. 


4. Ergonomics:

I love ergonomics because it's so hard for assistants to find different alternative or non clinical roles, and this is a great one for not just therapists but also for assistants as you do not need to use your license/ 

Ergonomics is a completely separate field, and so you can practice independently! 

As a result, ergonomics is a great PRN side hustle that you can do as your own business (and yes even as an assistant) or by contracting with other companies. 


What's the pay?

The pay and salary of contracting roles will vary just like all the other jobs, but usually around $60-100 per hour if you work for someone but you can charge therapy rates if you do this as your own business. 


What companies are typically hiring? 

  • Briotix

  • Atlas

  • ATI

  • Lots of smaller independent companies or businesses

 Here's an example:


5. Teaching Therapy/Therapy Assistants:

A great way to earn some side money could be teach 1 or 2 classes either remotely or in person at your former therapy school or a school locally or a school you've made connections with. 

Many PT, OT, SLP or PTA/COTA programs, do not have full time staff and rather, have teachers that teach only 1 or a few classes. 

Although this is not "flexible" as you'll have a set schedule, this is usually a role that demands just a few hours a week to teaching, grading, answering questions, and preparing for the next class. 

The pay and requirements will vary based on program as I assume that PT/OT/SLP programs are more costly than assistant degrees and so would maybe pay better, the class requirements/hours needed, and the class schedule (the number of weeks in the curriculum) but I think this is a great potential gig that you could do throughout the year!

From what I've seen and heard, previous teaching experience is helpful but I'll share a brief story - I was approached by Rutgers to help with their therapy program and I was only 3 years into practicing physical therapy and I do not have any teaching degree. So I wouldn't sell yourself short!


6. Medical Billing/Coding:

Another route is Medical Billing or Coding. Now unfortunately, I feel like out of all the roles here - its the hardest to get into and also doesn't pay that well. You need to take a coding certification and often pay rates will be similar to assistant hourly rates. But you can check out small independent billing companies that work with therapy companies for opportunities as well as EMR software's which often do billing and coding in house, 

These jobs often want someone with a CPC or CPC-A certification and pass a coding test. 


7.  Health Coaching:

This is a great PRN, contract role that you can do no matter if you are a therapist or an assistant - as, similar to ergonomics, you'll be practicing outside of your license and so there is so much more flexibility. This is an role that you could do one your own as a side hustle and/or through companies.

There are a lot of different companies and unfortunately salary can really vary as well, but here is one example job post. I would recommend you look into Noom, Elevance is actually starting to hire health coaching's, individual companies, and local gyms and therapy practices.  




I really hope this article has helped outline another amazing remote career that you as a physical, occupational, or speech therapist or PT/OT/SLP assistant can do!

If you want a more in-depth guide into each of these career routes you can go to each of the respective blog posts here:

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