Remote Injury Prevention Ergonomic Specialist Certification 

Learn the novel approach of tele-health office and industrial ergonomics as a PT/PTA/OT/COTA/ATC and provide injury rehabilitation and risk mitigation in this watch anytime certification program!

We are officially approved for PT/PTA/OT/OTA CEUS! We are approved in nearly all states. please see below for your state.

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Do you want to create your own office and industrial based and corporate virtual ergonomic practice?

Or do you want to secure full time/part time or PRN employment in an remote ergonomic position?

Who is this certification for? 

  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapist Assistants
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical Doctors
  • Kinesiologists
  • Physicians
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Safety & Health Professionals


For professionals who want to:

1. Transition into an ergonomic or injury prevention career:  Get the knowledge and the certification in order to be able to transition into ergonomic or injury prevention careers remotely.  

2. Improve your earning potential: Add this certification to your skill set for improved earning potential. 

3. Careers: Have the knowledge to apply for remote/telehealth ergonomics careers!

4. Start your Ergonomic Telehealth Business or Side Hustle: Learn how to create your ergonomic telehealth side hustle or practice.

Why Choose Us?

All programs include:

1. WATCH ANYTIME:  The course content and resources are available to access 24/7. 

2. ON GOING SUPPORT: Private Facebook Community just for students and email support

3. 20 + Years of Ergonomic Experience:

Dr. Matt Jeffs is renown in the ergonomic community, as a local leader but also global leader. With 20 years of clinical and ergonomic experience, he also has over 10 years of public speak and ergonomic education experience.  He has experience in office and industrial ergonomics as well as running his own ergonomics business.

Dr. Emma Shapiro is a business and side hustle pro - creating a six figure side hustle in under 2 years and helping many others do the same!

4. WEBSITE TEMPLATE: We want your business to succeed. That's why we give you a Done For You Website Template. 

5. BUSINESS MODEL INCLUDED: We know that you may want a career as well as a side hustle. We provide you with a step by step business section to start your ergonomic business. 

6. JOB TEMPLATE AND RESOURCES: We know that you may want a career within ergonomics, and so we've included resume templates and  interview templates and a whole step by step guide to help you get an ergonomics position. 


8. CEU CREDIT- we are approved by the AOTA as well as many PT boards (see FAQs for all details)


Inside the Remote Injury Prevention Specialist Ergonomic Certification

*And yes, we teach this for those want to start as a side hustle*


Step by Step Job Section

  • Resume template
  • Interview questions and answers
  • Job application tips
  • Top search term lists
  • Networking on Linkedin

Business Set up Step By Step Guide-

  • 2 hours of content walking you through setting up your website, payment systems, booking systems and discovering clients. 

3 Hour CEU Credits and Course for PT/PTA/OT/OTA (please see your state in our FAQ section below)

Monthly Job Notification Emails

Lifetime access and updates

Remote Injury Prevention Specialist Certification for Remote Office & Industrial Ergonomics Detailed Outline:

Description: Learn how to perform ergonomic assessments virtually, find ergonomic jobs, and create an online ergonomics business. 
Course Information: 

Course time: 3 hours      
Course will be provided via pre-recorded power point lessons and individual video recordings.
Therapists will be required to complete Google form with a feedback questionnaire and post test prior to receiving certificate.

Course Outline:

● 45 min lecture focusing on the importance of telehealth as a whole: Telehealth gives therapists the ability to screen quicker, provide more collaborative delivery models, and give more flexibility to provide services efficiently. Patients/clients are asking for more time-efficient and less costly care models. Busy lifestyles make it difficult for greater numbers of people to attend traditional appointments. 

● 30 min lecture: focusing on current approaches in telehealth and an overview of how ergonomics was previously used without telehealth - reviewing traditional ergonomic in person approaches 

● 30 min lecture on what is telehealth ergonomics: Telehealth Ergonomics is a novel approach to computer workstation ergonomic assessment and modification whose time has come – especially with the current pressures made starkly clear by the new COVID-19 reality. 

● 30 min lecture on how to use the OSHA assessment tool- The Easy Ergonomics for Desktop Computer Users’ booklet: The attendee will learn an easy-to use, practical assessment tool that meets the industry standards of OSHA – The US Occupational Safety and Health Association. With it, they will learn assessment strategies for structural deficits and underlying conditions that they can use the very next day. 

● 45 min lecture on virtual ergonomic best practices and live practice using the above assessment tool. This course will provide an evidence-based and systematic program of completing ergonomic assessments remotely. We’ll go over several use cases to implement the OSHA assessment tool and make sure students know actually perform these assessments. 

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Target Audience: Basic/Introductory

● Identify each of the Malchaire and Piette 2002 Ergonomic Process as described in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health for onsite tasks and offsite ergonomic assessments

● Apply the ‘Easy Ergonomics for Desktop Computer Users’ booklet - developed and prepared for publication by Cal/OSHA, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, California Department of Industrial Relations ( ) - uniquely to Telehealth PT / OT populations and Preventive Medicine clients. Demonstrate how to recognize key ergonomic deficits and provide solutions to improve posture.

Presenter: Dr. Matt Jeffs PT,DPT
Location: Online, on demand, via Alternative Healthcare Careers ([email protected])

Target Audience: PT/PTA/OT/COTA/SLP/ATC and other medical professionals
*Quiz and survey required at end of course*Please see bottom of page for cancelation and disclosure policies.

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2 monthly payments of $150


Add Credentials to your Name!

After completing a certification course with Alternative Healthcare Careers, you can proudly call yourself a "Certified Integrated Ergonomic Specialist" and add CIES to the end of your title! 

Become more employable, increase your earning potential, or gain the tools to start your ergonomic business.

Certifications we offer include:

How to use this course to improve your career or start a new career path?

In this course, the attendee will learn an easy-to use, practical assessment tool that meets the industry standards of OSHA – The US Occupational Safety and Health Association. With this you'll learn assessment strategies for structural deficits and underlying conditions you can use the very next day to start treating patients as a Remote Ergonomist!

In addition, you'll learn what is usually not tight along side this course - business set up! You'll learn branding concepts as well as how to use free or very inexpensive tools to set up your business.

Business and Career Examples:

  •  Some companies and facilities hire directly industrial ergonomists. So if you are not looking to start your own company, then YES this can help you separate yourself in the application and interview process for ergonomic full time positions.
  •  Besides having being a potential employee and starting a new career path, you can also start your own ergonomic business! 

    How does this work? If a big company or facility does not want to hire someone full time, they will want to instead hire a contractor to come in for a weekend or a week, once a year or quarterly. 
    You could be that person that would come into companies, factories, technology businesses and help re-design workstations, re-design work flows, and conduct injury prevention assessments and even perform treatments!
    Typical rates are $150 an hour or if booking for a day then $1000 a day. 

  •  PTA and COTA's looking to leave patient care but limited by their professional designation - you no longer are limited! Because you are doing "prevention" then this is not therapy and thus you are not limited by your degree. 

    Your degree will help you get hired as you can use your functional movement background to better conduct assessments and perform treatments but you can do this INDEPENDENTLY (unless treating workers compensation). 

  •  Side hustlers - whatever your professional designation, this is an opportunity to grow a business while working full time. You could conduct your evaluations over a weekend or remotely and grow from one company to many.

    The cost to create a remote injury prevention and ergonomics practice is nearly zero! 


Our Mentors Have 20+ Years Of Experience and  Run Multi-Six Figure Businesses


Dr. Matt Jeffs


Dr. Jeffs is a renown public speaker and leader in risk mitigation, work-injury reduction, and industrial medicine and has served in a variety of settings: business-to-business, business-to-provider, and business-to-consumer formats. 

With over 25 years of clinical and management experience, he has successfully rehabilitated over 23,000 individuals and has over 12,000 hours of direct onsite experience as a lean practitioner.  
He was a Workforce Education director with the Regional Manufacturers Association (RMA) , consultant to the RMA Board of Directors, and provided a powerful industrial trade consortium with advice in workforce optimization and cost containment.  
He was also the RMA Workforce Development Committee Director and focused on human resource managers on issues facing manufacturers as well as the plant manager executive SIG Director, RMA Environmental Health & Safety Committee Director, and RMA Professional Progress Curriculum Director. 
He is the owner of Ability On-Demand, in which he provides on demand ergonomic consultations and virtual assessments and a leader in education in ergonomics- servicing as a principal faculty instructor at The Back School, national faculty instructor at Summit Professional Education and the Creator of the Remote Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (REAS I) certification curriculum and the creator of Ergonomics and Fitness Courses designed for hands-on assessment experience at technical colleges. 

Dr. Emma Shapiro

Alternative Healthcare Careers Digital Automation Master

Emma runs a six figure online business providing business automation, sales copy, website design and creation, and advertising - all while working full time. She's authored for popular EMR companies and provided business coaching for New Gait, HelloNote and several other popular companies and currently run's both Mike's and Christina's advertising.

If you want to learn how to run your therapy business as a side hustle, she has the automations you'll love. 















Thank you so much! That was a very outstanding class and it will acutally help me start earning right away!

Idieh V.

Great course to make any therapist much more confident with becoming an injury prevention specialist. I appreciated the easy to follow recommendations for the ergonomic assessments and business set up.

Brittany G.

A TON of amazing, high quality information presented in this awesome course! I feel like this is something I can do right away. Thank you so much for this quality content!

Tammy M.

Thank you for your knowledge Saturday in the RIPS course! Your innovation, advocay for therapy professionals and business mind is inspirational!

John B.

The Remote Injury Prevention Specialist Training was a perfect way to spend my Saturday. Prevention medicine is the way to go! This course was fun and engaging, providing knowledge to help me create my business.

Emily B.

One of the most relevant courses I have taken-well thought out and evidence based. I'm excited to put the principles to practice!

William R.

This course was great! Highly informational and helpful! I feel like I could start right now! Highly recommend!

Jennifer D.

William R.

Great course! I liked how they went through everything, gave examples and had an interactive portion we could try out what we'd learned.

Kathleen S.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you!

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